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Available Trades, Duplicates, etc.

This list will be updated as often as possible. If there is something you are looking for, but do not see, please feel free to email me and ask if I have it or know anyone who does.

Last Update: Feb. 9, 2012. text in red

 I list the size as an estimate, with circular patches as 2-2.5" diameter as "small," 3" as "standard" and 3.5+" as "large."

Click on the patch name to see a picture of the actual patch!

Centennial/Centenary small Patches!
These are new Girl Scout Centennial Patches.
While they are probably available all over the US, anyone outside the US looking to trade may be interested. I would love to trade for a Guides centenary patch (I only have one), and I can pick up as many as needed. 

Centennial/Centenary 100th Anniversary Official Patch
Standard size, very traditional yet cool. I can get as many as needed, and would LOVE to trade for Guide 100th patches.
The 100th Anniversary Pin! 
The "New" Trefoil shape and the "100" say it all! This pin is about an inch and super cool!

Making Memories At Camp Linden
This patch is about 3" across.

Girl Scouts Together Camp Linden
This patch is about 2".

Camp Linden Charlie the Chicken
A patch for the popular camp game involving a rubber chicken!
This patch is about 2".

Camp Linden Renaissance Fair 2000 
This patch is about 2.5".

Huron Valley GS Camp Linden Fall Walk 2000 & 2001.
Huron Valley GS Camp Linden Fall Walk 1994, 1995, 1998, and 2002.
Huron Valley GS Camp Linden Fall Walk 2003 & 2004.
These patches (1994-2004) are larger than usual patches, they are about 3.5 inches diameter. 
I have a few of each, except 2004 which I only have one of (so once it is gone, I'll make a note of it here).

Camp Linden Winter Walk - No Year
This patch is about 2.5" diameter.

Camp Linden Winter Walk - Orange, No year
This patch is about 2" diameter.

Find New Horizons at Camp Crawford
This patch is about 3.5" across.

Camp Crawford Maple Sugar Festival
Eevery year Camp Crawford in Milan, Michigan hosts a Maple Sugar Festival where girls
learn about the history of their area, and of maple sugar. They see how it's made and even get a taste!
This patch is about 2.5".

Camp Crawford All Hallows Eve Pumpkin (About 2")
Every year Crawford hosts for the weekends near Halloween their All Hallows Eve activities.
There are night hikes, "spooky" stories, up close nocturnal animals (like owls!), and home-made root beer.
This patch is cool because the smile and the text glows in the dark!

Camp Crawford All Hallows Eve Spider 2"
Like the pumpkin one, this patch glows in the dark!

Bear Creek Aquatic Camp - Kentuckiana GS. 
This patch is from the early 1990's. About 2.5" Some show minor wear, but not as much as the one pictured. 

Camp Deer Trails 
This patch is from the early 1990's. About 2.5"
The patch for trade is exactly like this one pictured, except there is a slight water strain. I will try and wash it out of someone would like to trade for it.

Camp May Flather - Old 

Camp May Flather - New 

Camp Winona - New

Camp White Rock - New

Camp Aquasco - New

Friends of Rockwood 
(Camp Rockwood)

Girl Scouts 95th Anniversary in DC "Still Singin'"

95th Anniversary Camporee

very cute! 

Carolinas Peaks to Piedmont Council
Council patch, new design. Very cute.

Girl Scouts of the Nations Capital - Old

Gil Scouts of the Nations Capital - New

Thinking Day Michigan Capital GS - 
Thinking Day from the early 90's, from the Michigan Capital (Lansging, MI) GS Council. Now part of Heart of Michigan.

Yes You Can in Girl Scouting
Cookie Volunteer 1993

Green Hills Beauty Conference 1969
Felt patch, old but in decent shape.

Keyauwee Finding Your Way 2008
Keyauwee Program Center (camp), Orienteering/Geocaching patch

Keyauwee 2009: Weave the Magic
2009 camp patch. Find the kayaker?

Keyauwee iCamp 2010
There's a camp for that. Coolest camp patch? Maybe.

Camp Woodlow 1973
Knot-Tied day camp patch

Hiking Fun Patch
Fun/Participation Patch featuring a hiking Robin.

1981 Cookie Sale Daisy
1981 cookie incentive patch

Girl Scouts San Diego-Imperial 2000
Girl Scouting in the New Millennium. 

Victorian Days
Participation Patch

Eco Action
Possibly an older version of the badge, this is a standard sized participation patch.

Follow the Sun 1982
No idea, but it looks like a guide/scout collaborative patch. 

Historically Speaking: China
Asian/Chinese History study patch

Green Hills Girl Scout Day 1966
Vintage, not in bad shape but has seen better days. 

Camp Dellwood 1970
Vintage. Slightly discolored. 

Spring Registration Tarheel-Triad Council
Now Peaks to Piedmont. 

Fun to be Fit
Participation patch

Participation patch

Unknown Assorted
No idea. Boy scouts? Campfire? 1960's Girl Scouts? Anyone have any ideas?

Patches I Currently Have

Clicking Links in the descriptions will take to you a picture of the patch.
Updated 2/28/2011.

 US Camps:
Camp Mountain Meadow (Non GS). Mountains, and deer.

Bear Creek Aquatic Camp: from the early 1990's, sailboat on blue and yellow. I have extras for trading!

Camp Aquasco: New Patch. Feathers canvas tents, a turtle, and trees. (I can purchase more for trading!)

Camp Winona: New Patch. Features a building with flag pole. (I can purchase more for trading!)

Camp Crawford: Maple Sugar Festival
Camp Crawford: Night Fair (owl)
Camp Crawford: All Hallows (various) 12.
Camp Crawford: "Find New Horizons." 

Camp Deer Trails: Chinese/Kanji? from the early 1990's. I have an extra to trade!
Camp Innisfree: Girl and Horse
Camp Linden: Math and Science 1994Camp Linden: Girl Scouts Together
Camp Linden: Hayride
Camp Linden: Rise and Shine Ride (w horse)
Camp Linden: Rise and Shine Climb (w climbing wall)Camp Linden: Polar Bear Swim
Camp Metamora: Girls on a hill with the US flag.
Camp Narrin: Tent under the stars with a cat. MMGSC
Camp Narrin: "Narrin Challenge" with two girls, one going through a tire swing. MMGSC
*Note: I will trade for, or buy, ANY Camp Narrin, Metamora, or Innisfree patch.
Camp Oak Hills: 2007 sleeping under the stars
Camp Oak Hills: 2008 sunset and bird
Camp O' The Hills: 1928 History Hike
Camp O' The Hills: 1928-1988 Anniversary Patch

Mackinac Island Scout Service Camp: Fort, water, and gulls. Unlike most camps, this is actually an honor guard position for GS and BSA (alternating weeks) throughout the year on Mackinac Island. Scouts raise and lower the islands many flags, and assist visitors around Fort Mackinac and the Island. You have to apply and maintain an exceptional scout status to be part of the honor guard.

Camp Prairie Schooner: Wagon patch

New Hampshire:
Camp Seawood: Water, pines, and the sun.

Camp May Flather: Old Patch. Green border, a river, pine tree, and sunset. 
Camp May Flather: New Patch. A stone building with geese and fall trees in the background.
Camp May Flather, Coles Trip Camp, Camp Potomac Woods, and Camp Winona: Sleepaway 2010 patch. 
(I can purchase more of all of the Camp May Flather patches for trading!)

West Virginia:
Camp White Rock: New Patch. A doe and fawn near a white rock and lake. (I can purchase more for trading!)

Camp Greenwood: I do not think this is a GS camp. Has a rabbit, horse, campfire, and water in a circle divided in fourths. 

Non-US Camps:

Ontario, Canada:
Doe Lake Girl Guide Camp: Fawn near a lake on dark blue.